Hello! I’m Victoria.

I bring a fresh perspective and vision to people’s endeavors and translate that into an elegant, compelling digital message. I have a reputation for asking insightful questions, grasping complex issues easily, and bringing magic to being online.

Our digital worlds can consciously amplify the impact we make in our communities and on our planet—and I’m here to help you with yours.

Three other things I want you to know:

  • I spent my 20s as a strategy & policy advisor for the Dept of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. and the Dept of Defense in Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Project management is my comfort food. Stillness? My soul food.

  • My winning secret to emotionally resonant finished products? 1 part analytical skills + 2 parts huge heart.

If you’re up to something good, I want to meet you… Because the difference we could make together? It’s bigger than all of us.

“We were able to reach a larger audience, recruit higher qualified team members, and sell more tickets to our experiences as a result of your work.
— Anna Westbrook, Isabel & the Runaway Train

Your creative vision and collaboration brings a richer tapestry into existence. All of it is now communicated in such a way as to touch people deeply who were not able to approach the topic previously.

I highly recommend you to anyone who is ready to take their product or service to a whole new level so the essence is clear. Your work makes a difference in the world.
— Mukee Okan, The Pussy Talks

This is a partnership and I appreciate that. This is not your background yet you understand in a depth I’ve not experienced before.
— Dr Joni Samples, Family Friendly Schools