About Victoria:

I believe organizations are the best vehicle to create large-scale societal impact. Organizations - whether in the public or private sectors - not only multiply resources and results. They are a vehicle for us to learn and develop who we are as individuals and on teams, and they are a unique place where we can live our values as people.

I pour myself into everything I touch, and I don’t often distinguish between personal and professional. There often comes a point where the barriers between the two dissolve and dinner with an old friend turns into an opportunity to collaborate and expand both our goals.

I believe in being honest over being right. I believe play helps get the job done better. I believe in using data and intuition to support decisions.

I believe building strong relationships is the foundation of everything we want the world to be. It isn’t just about the work – it’s also about how we’re living.

I've given these gifts over to you, to the world, to the communities we live in, and to the planet we live on.

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