Three Foundations for Effective Newsletters

I scroll through my inbox and I find it.

I get excited as I click to open it and I snuggle under the covers (because I’m still in bed). I scroll down the page and Enjoy. Every. Single. Moment.

I get down to the bottom, click the link, and start typing away.

What is it? Why it’s a gift from the web-gods... a well-written newsletter.

Do you have certain newsletters you love to open? You know, the ones that feel like carefully wrapped packages full of goodies and good vibes?

There’s an art to writing a great newsletter, and while we could cover many different parts of the newsletter (really, this could be it’s own course), I’m going to highlight just my Top 3 Tips.

These are the first three things I focus on anytime I'm given something to proofread. And the first tip? It's critical for any kind of communication - even emails to your friend or colleague.

No need for fluff, so I’m gonna dive right in.

Foundations for
Effective Newsletters

1) Focus on ONE thing

When writing your newsletter, focus on one topic.

Are you teaching something new? That’s your thing

Are you announcing your online course dates? That’s your thing.

Are you sharing a fun piece of info from a partner in your field? That’s your thing.

Are you opening up about something you’re struggling with? That’s your thing.

Are you sending a survey and asking people to respond? That’s your thing.


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Focus on one topic, share one tip of yours to tip their scales, and make one request.

Got something else to say? If it’s part of a different, or even tangential topic I suggest you put that in a different form of communication.

2) Use Smart Links

Always use links in your newsletter.

Always use the link to the exact page you want people to visit (do not just send them to your homepage). Example:

Visit our Website for More Info on How to Participate.


Visit our Website for More Info on How to Participate.

Repeat links multiple times. Give people multiple opportunities to click through out your newsletter.

When selecting text for a link, use a whole sentence, including a Call to Action. Example:

If you're interested in participating, we have a place right on our website where you can read more about how to film yourself. If you'd like to submit your footage, enter your email address when you visit this page. Link.


Click here for more information on how to participate and submit your own footage to our library.

3) Link Your Newsletter to a Blog

The difference between your newsletter and blog is this: Your newsletter goes out to your email list. Your blog is public for anyone to find you and interact with you.

Many people already know this, but I’ll be explicit: Link the two! Many web providers now offer easy integrations between blogs & email clients (like Squarespace and Mailchimp).

Every time you create new content for your newsletter, make sure it goes on your blog.

Blogs create archives of your content

Blogs are searchable by new people online

Blog posts are great to send people when they need help. (You can send blog posts on frequently asked questions from your clients to answer questions for you.)

Simple and actionable is my goal, so we'll pause here.


p.s. Wondering where all these links go? Visit for more info on one of my first clients!

p.p.s. The "p.s." of any newsletter is a great place for more links! ;)

Now, It's Your Turn

What are your favorite newsletters to get?

What kinds of information do you like to read and how do you like interacting with people and companies you follow?

Comment below and share with me what you like or don't like about newsletters you see and read.

The exercise will increase your awareness about what you read.

Victoria Lucia Montemayor

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