International Women's Day is 8-March-2017

Sometimes the biggest form of protest is what you create.

founder and Creative Director of VICTORIALUCIA.

I knew when I started this company I wasn't just building
another web design or copywriting firm...

I knew I was creating a vehicle for large-scale societal impact.

Organizations not only multiply resources and results. They are a vehicle for us to learn and develop who we are as individuals and on teams, and they are a unique place where we can live our values as people.

Said another way, *how* we go about doing and building things is just as important as *what* we do and build.

In thinking about the bigger picture of entrepreneurship,
I wanted to take on the challenge and experience the joy of:

1) Creating a company that paid a living wage
(even when I could have gotten work for less money), &

2) Offering flexible, yet challenging work options to women (and men) who wanted to make a difference but not through overwhelm or overwork.

I am proud to say I am succeeding so far.

While my website will be "down" on 8-March, understand that I am very much still at work... because my life is my work and my mark on this planet.

If you're looking for further inspiration to see how you can criticize by creating the world you want to see, check out this video by tonle (, a fashion company that actually creates zero waste. When you consider that many fashion companies have about 40% waste margins, it's shocking what Rachel Faller has made with her commitment to people and to the planet.

THE LESSON: We don't always need laws, regulations, or a President we like to have the world we want. While I'm very supportive of engaging in the political process to protest, our lives can be our protest every day of the year.

Criticize by creating.

Create the world you want to see.

Much love & in solidarity with women worldwide,
Victoria Lucia Montemayor

Victoria Lucia Montemayor

Victoria Lucía Montemayor is the Creative Director of victorialucia: a website + copywriting business that’s the best expression of your life’s work online.

A proud advocate of both business and service, Victoria has worked worldwide as both an analyst for the federal government (in both Washington, DC & Baghdad, Iraq) and as a strategist for small business owners.

She is known for her crisp communication and innovative problem solving. In fact, she doesn't believe problems exist - there is just a need to try a new way of producing results.

Victoria wants everyone with a good heart to know how to share themselves and their work online. Visit her and join her team of masters expressing their life's work at