who plan for a relationship and fail, who plan a party only to have it fall apart, and who want life to turn out their way.

What happens when life doesn't turn out as planned?

The Ultimate Story About Turning Lemons into Lemon Vodka

Watch to hear the whole story + Learn how to Win a Handle of Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka.

*Note* I believe in peace & love, but I curse in this video and in real life :)

How to Play #LemonsToLemonVodka

1) Pick situation that is a "lemon." 

What's a lemon?

A situation you wish wouldn't have happened and your perception is that "everything is ruined" - whether you had something to do with creating the lemon situation or not.

It's the ultimate crappy situation and you feel "THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME!"

2) Talk about your "lemon" with a friend with the intention to turn it into "lemon vodka" (or the beverage of your choice). 

3) Share your #LemonsToLemonVodka story on social media. Remember to use the hashtag #LemonsToLemonVodka.

4) The best #LemonsToLemonVodka story wins a handle of Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka delivered to their door.

If you live in Austin, I'll hand deliver it to you (within the limits of the law). Live outside of Austin? I'll have something equally delicious but non-alcoholic mailed to you; Worldwide submissions accepted. Deadline for submissions are 11:59PM Pacific, Sunday, June 26th.

This is the most important part:

It's great to be inspired. It's great to feel good. But what will you do with that? 

I challenge you to make plans to talk with a friend right now.

You don't have to tell them the whole story.

You don't even have to know what your lemon is yet.

Just say, "hey, do you have a few minutes at 6pm?" Then show them this video and work on it together.

Whether your lemon is that you were just diagnosed with cancer, just lost your job, or your lemon is that there was a cricket in your sandwich at lunch (totally happened to me) - it is YOUR job to turn life's lemons into Lemonade.

It's not our job to do it for you.

We (your friends) are here to help, but it's up to YOU to want the lemonade.

Drink up, friends.



Victoria Lucia Montemayor

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