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Build Your Product

Online Course & Info Product Development

Distill your content and knowledge into its most essential idea, using storytelling principles to engage your audience in any topic. Learning milestones are met in easily consumable chunks and built for the psychological learning style for your audience.

Flexible course design can include: 

  • video & audio clips,
  • downloadable worksheets,
  • quizzes, and
  • discussion questions with participants worldwide

I was totally blown away by the value you provided me. My product offerings are more simple and directly applicable to the customer I am trying to target. - C.H.


Books & E-books

Our favorite challenges are complex, controversial, and esoteric concepts that require an elegant and accessible approach, without watering down the depth of your offerings. We'll uncover your voice and tone and work with you on outlines, transcribing, copywriting, and editing.

Victoria has the unique ability to grasp complex issues, ask insightful questions, and distill information into written form.
- C.L., Dept of Homeland Security


Our Approach:


Our Customer Psyche Process

You have decades of expertise - how will you package it to meet your user's needs? When you're a master in your subject matter, it's easy to want to share ALL you know. We find the majority of consumers need foundational resources communicated in their learning style.

Diving deep into the unconscious relationship between you and your ideal customer can alter product development and packaging. And, connecting with your customer's language is essential to communicating what you know in ways they can easily grasp and implement.

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"10 Questions You Want to Answer About Your Customer"

Melissa Lyon West, the snap academy

I wondered if Victoria would be able to see the product from my clients point of view. She is not part of my target market.

My clients loved the changes to the course and felt that even the small tweaks helped make the product much classier, approachable, easier to navigate and use, and valuable.

After implementing her suggestions I felt much more confident in offering my product and felt the value was greatly increased.

I love my workshop so much more now and feel it has a professional edge that it was lacking before.