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Service: Copy & Core Messaging


I work on Copy projects for clients who bring the magic day to day to their clients but need a better way to express that online.

Many of them come to me with a designer, and that's great.

I interview you - so you never have to write a thing again! - and I interview your most favorite clients, so you'll never attract clients you don't love. When we can't get interviews, I'll thoroughly research the market space you're in to make sure we know how and why you're different.

In every case, I use my deep empathic abilities to get into your shoes, your clients' shoes, and to deep understand the complex hesitations, considerations, desires, and dreams of both you and your customers. That's where we start the writing.

What's a new dream client worth to you? How will it feel to finally be you online?

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Up to 5 Website Copy Pages

These include the About Page (MOST important page on your site!), Homepage, Services or Offerings, Contact, and one other page of your choosing. I work closely with your designer to ensure seamless and creative visual communication.

All of these happy clients started with 5 pages. Some went on to expand and build out more complex sites with downloads and resources:

Moxie Creative + Consulting

Mike Shereck Coaching

Family Friendly Schools

Orbit Coaching

The Pussy Talks

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Customer Clarity Profile

You'll get a document with direct feedback from your most favorite paying clients / users who love and share your work. Inside are: keywords, potential peer profiles, content ideas, program and product inspiration, testimonials, and customer pain point insights.


Bonus: Visual Direction

We’ll also provide graphics and visual concepts to complement your new messaging and communicate visually with your desired audience. Full branding and graphic design is available for an add-on service.

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Priority Funnel Process Flow

Even though I'm not designing the look and feel of the website in this service, we’ll perfect the #1 action we want visitors to take when visiting your site, streamlining the experience so you get the results you want.


BONUS: Freebie consultation

While we don’t develop freebies in this package (PDFs or video downloads to gift your audience after connecting with you), we will consult with you to determine what’s the best route or offering you could create for them. Strategy + creativity is key to directing the next steps for you to take.


Investments Ranging From:

$3,750 - $7,750


How you put abstract experience into language makes you the only one to use for what I do. - K.W., Orbit Coaching

Your creative vision and collaboration brings a richer tapestry into existence. - M.O., The Pussy Talks


The Best Expression of Your Life's Work

Our hidden talents, included for every project that needs them.

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Asset Organization

because you likely have TONS of resources that haven't made it public yet

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Project Management

regular check-ins and status updates, even if you're using multiple vendors

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Team Recruitment

if staff or subject matter experts
are needed to help produce your magic


Together, we got this. Let's connect.