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Short Bio Example

You and I create a length that works for your purposes. Here is a short example.

Full Disclosure: I know Sarah personally, but I had no information on her technical background prior to the email she sent me. I'll get to know you (personally) through interviews we share prior to writing.


Sarah is the essence of vitality and thrives where physical fitness and personal performance meet.

As a certified ballet, Pilates, and yoga instructor, Sarah has traveled worldwide teaching and training in physical fitness. She has served as the Director of Synergy Dance Studio in Westlake, TX for ten years and has also completed 2 marathons.

Since 2012, Sarah has led leadership training programs for adults for Landmark Worldwide, a pioneer in the personal and professional development industry, and she is passionate about leading programs for young people as well.

Sarah holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Texas and in her "down time" can be found relaxing in Wimberly, TX with her new fiance.

Before (and I quote):

Here's the stuff I'm proud of:
Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Texas
Dance Instructor for over 10 years at Synergy Dance Studio in Westlake
Certified in yoga from Black Swan Yoga in Austin in 2011
Certified in pilates from The Pilates Studio by Ann Anoult in 2014
Lead leadership programs for Landmark Worldwide since 2012
trained and completed 2 marathons (don't know if this is relevant but I am proud of it)
recently engaged

This is what my work bio says:
During her time at UT she traveled to Austria with the Young Tanzsommer Dance Tour and participated in master classes by Nashville Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Ralph Lemon, Michael Foley and Guillaume Graffin from American Ballet Theatre as well as residencies from Delfos Dance Company from Mexico and Martha Graham Dance Company.

Let's see what you and I can do together.

Long-form Bio Example

We can start with any amount of information. I interviewed Mukee and her existing clients for three weeks prior to writing this bio for her website. Content gathered from the interviews is completely yours, and often includes great testimonials and product or service feedback.



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"As a devotee of the Divine Design, I am committed to sharing what works. I am dedicated to enhancing the sexual well-being of humanity, for the production of Peace on earth, as the natural expression of the Divine Design. I love to inspire you to open and surrender to your divinely gifted orgasmic nature and infinite capacity for the beauty and pleasure of being alive."

Mukee is certified as – a Surrogate Partner in the western medical model of sexual healing; a Rites of Passage facilitator; and Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality teacher. For over 25 years she has facilitated internationally educational programs, spiritual sexuality retreats and individual coaching. An artist and a grandmother, Mukee’s promise to the world that by the year 2030, all people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive.