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Let's complete
your life's work.


Imagine a digital, online interpretation of years of work...

that leaves you energized and impressed by yourself, your clients, and what's possible when everyone gets what you provide...

...An artful expression that nails what you do that you can show people, your current clients, and yourself daily.








A Website + Copy Writing Service
That Provides YOU A New Realm of Existence

For the world to use what you're here to offer it,
your work must extend beyond you.

Potential customers, partners, and users must easily find you, get what you do, and realize immediately that they should work with you - or not.

Emboldened strategically re-creates the full experience of you, your service, or your cause digitally online for others to see, get, and interact with.



custom online strategy + branding implementation

We morphed into one conversation looking at my business together. I can’t tell the difference between my words and yours.
— Client

can include:

  • informational website built on the Squarespace platform // layout design and template selection // all mobile ready + responsive designs
  • e-commerce site built on the Squarespace platform
  • e-learning coursework
  • strategy for established social media presence 
  • full customer profiles, based on interviews with your actual clients - understand their motivations, hesitations, and drivers
  • all copy writing, based on interviews with you - serial interviews with company founder or spokesperson to help develop language, tone, and content
  • logo design, image selection, and photography coordination, if needed
  • set up and integration - domain name, forms, simple online payment portals and any details to have the website be functional
  • search engine optimization

You provide something precious - and the only time to expand your reach is now. 
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Now that you know what is included, how will it feel? Keep scrolling...

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The energy that came out of seeing the little bits and drafts after one of our interviews… it got momentous, like I can’t wait to see more. It got fun and a game instead of laborious.
— Client

The Service Setup

AKA: Let Me Show You How I Take Care of You


You keep "doing you" and a powerful web presence emerges.

The modality of interviewing is seamless. It takes the labor off of me. I’m just doing my work. I wouldn’t think to say what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, or why I’m good at it.
— Client

Don't you just wish someone could capture you-doing-you (as you're doing it) and create the same experience online?

Interviews + observation are how I learn about you and your business. Interviews are also how I learn about your clients.

There's no magic here other than listening.

Quick Story: From grade school to grad school I was the transcriber or writer in group projects. I would have teammates sit around me and discuss what they wanted to say, and I wrote what they said. 

When they got in front of the computer I could see them stall and struggle with putting words to thoughts. So I just told them to talk to me.

And I've used that method - interviewing or transcribing - in every step of my career.

I've mastered the interview process... I lead conversations, discussions, and inquiries. 

An interview with me will likely be one of the best ones you've ever had and you'll end up saying things more clearly than you've ever had.

Yes, I will edit and edit and edit, and re-arrange, and write, too. But the essence emerges from you.

That's what's really exciting about working with you to capture what's true about you and your business.

Emboldened is designed for you to be heard, known, acknowledged, and ultimately shared with everyone who needs what you provide.

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How you put abstract experience into language... that makes you the only one to use for what I do.
— Client