pssst... I turned 30 years old on Friday, 26-June!


Turning 30

I love supporting people to create lives that inspire them, and on that day I invited you to enjoy your freedom (and play a little hooky with me!).

So what were the results?

#FreedomFriday 26-June

  1. 06:30-07:30AM - Free our Physical Forms - Morning Yoga (Austin, TX)

      • Why? To start our day with the sun and because we are badass mofos


  2. 11:00AM-1:00PM - Freedom Brunch (Austin, TX + Worldwide)

    • We enjoyed a bloody mary's, breakfast food, and a thoughtful art project among new friends and old
    • Free Your Future - Art Project (click here to participate WORLDWIDE)
    • Why? Because we are creative like that. ;)


  3. 1:30-4:30PM - Freely Give Ourselves - Community Service Project

    1. We volunteered at the Austin Community Food Bank
    2. Why? Because we have all the sh*t we could ever want already and have a lot to give.

      We helped create 5,850 meals for Austin families.

  4. Blank Space - Nap Time (Worldwide)

    • We could have taken a nap, gotten a pedicure, or read a book. Most of us just passed out.
    • Why? Because white space in our schedules is so beautiful.
  5. 7:00PM - Fire on the Mountain Chili Showdown (Austin, TX)

    1. Why? Texas Sunset, Chili, and donations made to Austin Disaster Relief Network. They had fritos!


  6. 10:00PM-Midnight - Free Spirits - TBD (Austin, TX)

    • We donned your creative self-expression and danced the night away
    • Why? Because we're alive!
    • Bonus points for WINNER Sarah Skelton for snapping her little dancer students all going crazy to TSwift!

Thanks to everyone who participated, showed up, sweated it out, de-stressed during nap time around the world, snapped, partied, ate great food, and went through 5 outfit changes with me that day. OH, AND THANK YOU SUPREME COURT for letting LOVE WIN. Best birthday ever. Who ever says 30 is dirty needs some inspiration!


This was my 30 balloon following me everywhere all night :)