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Wisdom is meant to be recorded.

Let’s artfully capture yours and share it at scale.

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Hi! I’m Victoria Lucía and I’m a Wisdom Archaeologist.

My name means victorious light, and wisdom archaeology means I work with luminaries serious about leaving a legacy to help them uncover their deepest knowledge and share it with the world.

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Here’s a little Sunday morning truth-telling…

We’ve each got a short amount of time here on Earth and we’ve got to use it wisely

My first client passed away unexpectedly from cancer just one year after we released her groundbreaking documentary online, and I’ve gripped a client’s hand while he bled profusely in the ER days before his website launched.

None of us know how long we have to bring what we’re here to share. But that documentary? It’s still blowing people open years after the director’s passing—because we took the time to record it and share it.

If you’re up to something deep, fresh, and enlivening, I want to meet you… Because the difference we could make together? It’s bigger than all of us.

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So, how can I help you?

If you’re sitting on something big—like, paradigm-shifting—I help you get your wisdom captured, codified, and elegantly shared so masses of people can access your tools and our collective lives can improve at scale and beyond time.

If you need:


The words to say it

I help you write them.


The brains to make it simple

I help break it down.


The website to share it

Me & my team help get you online.

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And if you need help with branding, traffic, or monetization…

I use my extensive and talented network to find the right person to help you reach your goals.

So although I’m an expert digital curator and emotionally resonant copywriting ninja, me + my team of helpers love moonlighting as your general contractor, too.


And when we face unbearable soul-crushing challenges (because we will)?

I’m right here, deeply tuned to your vision and wisdom, and with a patience and perseverance that says, I’m in this for the long haul. I know you are, too.

You and your wisdom are deeply needed… And the world can’t wait anymore for what you’ve got for us.

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Not sure if you’ve got wisdom to share, but know you’ve got a lot of passion about what you do?

I’m here to help you, too! Let’s chat.