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Portfolio & Praise


Isabel & the Runaway Train

A platform to discuss the challenging topics of mental health and sexual abuse through the arts

Work done: Website & Copy

The value of your services was immeasurable. We were able to reach a larger audience, recruit higher qualified team members, and sell more tickets to our experiences as a result of your work.

We heard testimonies from cast members and from audience members sharing that their main reason for joining our community was the professionalism of the website. We are a grassroots project and we were taken much more seriously by the community as a result of the site you created for us.
— Anna Westbrook, Isabel & the Runaway Train


Family Friendly Schools

A resource hub for educators, parents, and community members interested in building strong relationships for children’s benefit

Work Done: Website, Copy, Online Course, Downloadables, Email Marketing

I like the way you listened and participated in what I do. This is not your background yet you understand in a depth I’ve not experienced before. Also, thank you for the regular phone calls and check ins. This isn’t just a ‘here’s something to do and let me know when it’s done’ experience. This is a partnership and I appreciate that.
— Dr Joni Samples, Family Friendly Schools

Victoria has the unique ability to grasp complex issues, ask insightful questions, and distill information into written form.
— C. Lee, U.S. Dept of Homeland Security

The Pussy Talks Documentary

A platform to educate and stretch our experience of sexuality and beauty

Work Done: Copy, Visual Direction, Instagram

Your fresh view, your enthusiasm and wonder, your discovery, your technical skills and attention to details. Interviewing the people the way you did. The way you worked with the whole team. And one thing I like in particular is your honest communication skills and speaking up. And also the regular Skypes created velocity and focus.

I enjoyed the creative process with you a lot.
— Mukee Okan, The Pussy Talks

Victoria has been an invaluable asset to our office. She is a strong, natural communicator, without artifice. Her dedication to clean and clear thinking allows her to look at existing programs with a fresh viewpoint, which has paid us great dividends.
— S. Kendall, The White House


The Center for Astonishing Light

A platform to support you in fully integrating your emotional body and to experience living—in this life— as the astonishing light you are.

Work Done: Website, Copy, Digital Downloads



Stories by women, wisdom for everyone

Work done: Core messaging, Tagline, splash page, leadership development

In the past year, FemBeat has communicated its mission more clearly and confidently. There’s so much more cohesion and purpose to our brand and episodes. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we’ve grown our team with people who are passionate about our message, and that our screening attendance has boosted significantly. I think that speaks volumes.
— Kayla Galang, FemBeat

Your wisdom can’t wait.

My website? Thank you so much. I love it, love it, love love love it.....
— Mike Shereck, Executive Coach

The Ride of Your Life

Motorcycle road trip & leadership development experience

Work Done: Website & Copy

I was totally blown away by the value you provided for me. The interviews you conducted with actual people (and the fact I got to read their word-for-word honest feedback) was a serious game-changer for me.

I know exactly who my ideal customer is, and it’s making everything SO much easier. Speaking to them is so much easier than trying to please everyone.
— Connie Holen, Pixality Design



Support & resources for people with aging parents

Work done: Website, Copy, Welcome email, Downloadables


Victoria is a one-of-a-kind dynamo who not only holds herself to extraordinarily high standards but also hits and exceeds those standards.
— John Wilpers, Entrepreneur


Awareness training for creative souls

Work done: Website & Copy

I liked how Victoria pours herself into my business and industry - going so far as contacting people for research and interviews versus just doing a Google search. I am more confident in the direction and vision in my business.
— Brenda Mangalore, Artist

Immediately after seeing my website, I was confronted by the objectivity and value of my work, and I am newly empowered by what I do. Also? I’m seeing more committed and qualified clients come through it.
— Kyle Winn, Orbit Coaching

You valued me not only as a client or a project creator but as a person.
— Anna Westbrook, Isabel & the Runaway Train