Sharing myself
as freely as possible
is my mission.

I'm Happily Available for interviews,
profiles, and to lead inquiries
into what's important.

My Favorite Topics Include:

  • The Difference Between a Web Presence & a Website
  • How to Interview, Research, & Understand Your Customers
  • Femininity & Failure (Especially for Driven Women)
  • Spirituality, Personal Growth, & Performance


Victoria Lucía Montemayor is the Creative Director of victorialucia: a website + copywriting business that’s the best expression of your life’s work online.

A proud advocate of both business and service, Victoria has worked worldwide as an analyst for the federal government (in both Washington, DC & Baghdad, Iraq) and as a strategist for small business owners.

Victoria is known for her crisp communication and innovative problem solving. In fact, she doesn't believe problems exist - we just need to try a new way of producing results.

Victoria wants everyone with a good heart to know how to share themselves and their work online. Visit her and join her team of masters expressing their life's work at