After a 35 year successful career as a business coach, Victoria told me that not having a website = "my integrity was out". 

I didn't understand. My understanding of integrity comes from its definition.., "a state of being whole and complete". 

I am whole and complete, or I could not do what I do. So, I did not understand. However, our relationship and the way she said it had me open to discovering what she meant.

Four weeks later, through a series of interviews, I have a website. A few weeks after that I have a logo. Now, I understand. Yes, I was whole and complete within my experience & in the world I knew before the cyber world became 'business as usual'.

I, as a service, did not exist in cyberspace. Therefore, by definition, my integrity was out. 

Now, after using my NEW website, as a tool, to establish my focus each morning for the past weeks, there's an entire new realm, dimension and experience of being complete! The familiar energy and juice that's  in a "startup" is present. 

Likewise, there's an entire world opening that will clearly use the rest of this lifetime. A real possibility of my life's work continuing beyond 'me' is clear and present.

I'm inadequately appreciative and highly recommend Victoria if your web presence is in need of upgrading. She is a master and an artist that will transform your world! You too, through a series of interviews, will experience a new realm of being complete.

Chief Navigator, Orbit Coaching