A few of Victoria's "Inquire" Answers


Tell me about you, your business, project, or cause?

I share a bit about me here, or you can review my LinkedIn here.

What challenges do you face?

Well, it depends on who is asking. ;) Know of a great gluten free cookie? - msg me stat.

I am always looking to connect with powerful women who have made being present a priority in their lives and live it. It's SO important for us to be acknowledged and support each other on this journey.

I'm also interested in connecting with other service providers to refer my clients to. That includes: graphic designers, complex web developers (for the stuff I cannot or do not want to handle), marketing & PR experts, social media mavens, and people with experience creating info products and online coursework.

I'm also working on a side project called Leading from the Mess - providing stories and resources for people navigating healing childhood trauma. If this piques your interest at all please let's talk about it. I interview "survivors" (dislike that word) and trauma practitioners on their journeys and specific topics to help people going through their own healing.

What's your favorite book and how has it changed you or entertain you?

Hard to pick just one. I tend to study books, meaning I read and re-read them or move slowly through them to digest their pearls of wisdom.

The Alchemist - I feel like Coelho exquisitely captured "the journey" in art form.

Eastern Body Western Mind - This opened me up to understanding the intersection of trauma, chakra development, and western psychological development.

Anything by David Deida - Deida's work inspires me to explore my own masculinity and femininity