What You're Paying For


I know starting a new business relationship can be scary. You’re weary if I’ll get you and if we’re a good fit. I feel the same thing every time I meet a new client, so I created this document to help clarify on my end what’s important to me and what you’re paying for.

When you accept your first quote from me, you'll receive and have to initial this document before proceeding. If you have any questions about this, let's talk.


Solid progress in the right direction, not perfection.

I don’t work to get everything so perfect we get stuck in our own analyses and edits. I work to get something effective and solid up and working and we iterate based on data, feedback, and responses. I also like creating WINs along the way. It keeps energy up to feel like we’re making progress on small chunks of the project.

If you are stressed and pressured to “get things right”, we are not a good fit. If you committed to making a dent in your area of expertise over the long-haul and working iteratively to build on a strong foundation, we may be a good fit.

Final, public-facing products that are clear and organized, but a back end that may seem disorganized.

To take something very complex (your area of expertise) and make it simple and easy to understand is an art form. The back end may seem messy with tons of word docs and spreadsheets and ideas, but if you trust me we will present something really beautiful to the world (and they won’t experience an ounce of struggle in understanding it).

If you don’t like creative mess and want perfect draft deliverables, we are not a good fit. If you believe that chaos often comes before order, we may be a good fit.

Research and data as a foundation for our success.

Research on your current market is critical to know what’s already been done and where you fit in. Even interviewing your existing clients will give you extremely valuable information you think you know, but likely don’t. (I see “Wows!” and “Ahas!” happen every single time. Trust me.)

If you think research is an afterthought or just “Victoria’s way of going about things”, we are not a good fit. If you think research is a critical part of the creative process and are curious about the results, we may be a good fit.

Goals and timelines are great (and needed). Flow is even better.

How I work towards completing tasks, projects, and achieving goals is a true integration of flow and direction. Sometimes, getting stuck on a part of a project turns out to be something we shouldn’t have been doing or something we needed more clarity on before moving forward. Other times, some breathing space around a timeline allowed us to really nail a complex set up that we couldn’t have accomplished in a traditional manner.

When we’re talking about integrating new concepts with trusted marketing principles or theories, we need to give things time to be birthed and I don’t believe in pushing through, powering through, or blindly accomplishing tasks when our intuition says to pause.

If you’re on a really tight timeline and stressed to complete a project, we are not a good fit (unless you’re an existing client and we already have a good working relationship). If your topic is important to you to get expressed in the world in an elegant, delicate, and powerful manner, we may be a good fit.

A partner in your business, not a "contractor" experience.

Ultimately, although this is a fee for service experience, I become a partner and solid supporter for all my clients’ businesses. That means I’m right there beside you, making sure I understand how you make money and what programs you have lined up for the next 6-months to a year so that we can highlight and prioritize them digitally. Also, anyone I may hire for help with SEO, branding, or other assistance will be paid a living wage, no exception.

If you’re looking to jump in, jump out, and get something “cheap but amazing and done in 2 weeks”, we are not a good fit. If you’re looking to make an investment not only in your business, but in your community or the extended digital community we all live in, we may be a good fit.

You also indirectly support FemBeat & Isabel & the Runaway Train.

I take on very few probono projects. For 2018, I have created the website for Isabel & the Runaway Train, a musical and platform for discussing sexual assault through the arts.

I also regularly mentor and support the documentary duo FemBeat. This minority and women-led organization amplifies the stories, perspectives, and work of feminists and self-identifying women.


Because I invest in you, your acceptance of any quote with your signature serves as our contract. The fruitfulness of any partnership is truly only as valuable as our relationship and willingness to work together. At the same time, when you accept a quote from me it is legally binding and I will pursue collection of any unpaid funds by any legal means necessary.

I don’t mean to be pushy, but I do mean to be clear. My creative expression is comfortable, supported, and ultimately more effective and innovative in environments that value trust, security, flow, ease, and room for exploration.

If you have any questions about this document, let’s chat.